Friday, November 30, 2007

Internet Marketing

How to make real money off the internet:

Market -> Offer -> Traffic --> Backend --> Duplication

The Key is to focus and take action. Income will not come easily, you need to continuously generate traffic to your blog or your site; or advertise in forums.

Do not give up.
You'll improve bit by bit and with time..
I didnt and it took me hard work before I achieved success.

Runing a business isnt a game. Internet marketing can be alot easier and fun, but it still takes hard work to achieve your goal.
Have confidence in yourself and continuously educate yourselves with internet marketing skills!

Don't worry.
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may you enjoy success!=)


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Featured in the Straits Times: Mr Ewen Chia

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Just sharing my experience

Dearest reader,

I hope you'll take time to read through the entry below as I'm willing to share my experience with you all. I know it's hard to deal with daily expenses especially with living costs increasing by the day. That's why I hope I can share the knowledge that I have and help benefit more people around me.

I assure that whatever I'm going to share with you is honest and true.

My name is Michelle and I live in Singapore.
I'm a struggling undergraduate and come from a low-income family. I've taken up many part time jobs throughout my entire student life, but none have actually provided me with a substantial income.

One day while I was sourcing for a part time job on the net, I chanced upon a site just like this, claiming to enable me to earn thousands a month. Honestly, I didn't really believe that such a good thing could happen. I was desperate for an income that could help finance my studies and pay for my expenditures, so I read on and became more and more convinced by the words and information laid out by the author. I realised that this was a legitimate site and that such a money making avenue was doable for an IT noob like me. The author has been featured in the local newspapers and I trust that what he promised was a fact. I never imagined that making money online was even possible.

Thankfully I didnt make the wrong choice, and I've managed to succeed in this online money making business. I no longer have to worry about my daily expenses as money is flowing in everyday. Now, I can finally relieve my parents of their financial burden and I'm indeed very grateful to be able to come across this wonderful opportunity. The Auto Pilot Profits (click on link to website) allowed me to have abundant time to enjoy my life.

You only live once and there are some chances worth taking if you want to be successful. You never know if you don't try. I gave it a try and my prayers were answered. If even a student like me can achieve this kind of success, I'm sure you can do it too. You don't even need to be an Internet expert to do this and I am standing proof of that!

So far, I've been earning around thousands a month and it will continue to grow. Every single cent is earned with the Auto Pilot Profits system. All the amount is in American (USD) dollars and I'm receiving a cheque to my doorstep twice a month as well. It's really as simple as that.
Plus I'm doing something good everytime, as the organization also donates to charity.
The only thing I did was to follow the step-by-step instructions of the Auto Pilot Profit.

All that I've typed so far is from the bottom of my heart and I hope you're convinced with it as much as I was. I wish you success in your endeavours and start your route to a better life via Auto Pilot Profits!
I only paid a one time fee of $27 dollars (less that the cost of a dress!) and I raked in more than 20 times the amount, recovering the payment. It was definitely worth it.

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My blessings,
Michelle Lo